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Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp, BE
Educational Master in Visual Arts 

Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp, BE
Master’s degree in fashion design 

De! Kunsthumaniora Antwerp, BE
Visual Arts, preparation year


︎Group exhibition at Instroom Academy, het Rubenshuis, Antwerp, BE
︎Zoekstadion/Barokke Influencers, group exhibition by artist collective FAAR, Havenhuis Antwerp, BE
︎The Postcard Party, group exhibition, CC Strombeek, BE
︎Zaaien en Oogsten, solo exhibition for offSHOW, curated by Brandon Wen, in collaboration with Flanders DC, Antwerp, BE
︎Change of Plans, costume design for a dance performance by Femke Gyselinck, in collaboration with GRIP artists, Viernulvier and Platform K.
︎Zaaien en Oogsten, solo exhibition at Atelier FAAR. + Multiple in collaboration with Zena Van den Block.

︎(TERUG)KIJKEN, vrouwelijke representatie in tijden van Rubens en nu, Rubenshuis, Antwerp, BE
︎Le Rêve en boîte, campaign image for Wouters en Hendrix.
︎De Nationale Expo, group exhibition, KMSKA, Antwerp, BE
︎Art fair Art On Paper with Tatjana Pieters Gallery, BE
︎ARCADIA, group exhibition in an artist home and garden, Lier, BE
︎Larry G’s living room, group exhibition curated by artist collective FAAR on the concept of ‘the ideal gallery’, Coppejans Gallery, Antwerp, BE
︎Resident at Chambre avec vue in Saignon, FR

︎Pandemic Manifesto, group exhibition at Art Telex,
Antwerp, BE

︎Resident at Artwell Residencies, Amsterdam, NL


︎A Green Charade, solo exhibition, CC Strombeek, curated by Charlotte Crevits, Strombeek, BE

︎FAAR, opening group exhibition of a new artist collective, Deurne, BE

︎ONBOARDS 2021, an exhibition of artworks displayed on the city’s street billboards, Antwerp, BE

︎Reriding into Sun, Cap studio SS22, print design

︎Studio Nel Maertens (student entrepeneur), multi-surface print projects and freelance print design (Kaaibags, Ceremony tableware)


︎ONBOARDS 2020, an exhibition of artworks displayed on the city’s street billboards, Antwerp, BE

︎Cap studio FW21, print design, scenography photoshoot in collaboration with Studio M Paris, photographer Michaël Smiths and designer Romain Albers

︎Studio Nel Maertens (student entrepeneur), multi-surface print projects


︎Thank You Come Again, MA Graduates expo Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp, curated by Spank Moons, Antwerp, BE

︎SHOW2019, Arts with benefits, fashion show and exhibition in collaboration with artist duo Flexboj & L.A., Antwerp, BE

︎Station Antwerpen-Centraal, collaboration with director Yuta Arima for a documentary about the central station, requested by Japanese TV station NHK, Antwerp, BE

︎Klara Pompidou x Artlead: Berlinde De Bruyckere, volunteer, Ghent, BE


︎The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat, solo exhibition in a private home in Zele, BE

︎Finalist IFF Perfume Project Competition

︎EE Exclusives Award 2018: A student of the third bachelor receives the opportunity to develop a jacquard fabric for his/her master collection.


︎De Lions price, de! Kunsthumaniora, 2nd place