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Zaaien en Oogsten
Various installations throughout Antwerp showcasing the fashion talents of academy alumni and partners.


The first edition of offSHOW showcased Nadav Perlman, Nel Maertens,
Christian Wijnants and
KOMONO. offSHOW 2023 was curated by Brandon Wen and organised by Flanders DC for fashion in collaboration with the Antwerp fashion department and Stad Antwerpen.

I presented the second edition of 'Zaaien en Oogsten'. The installation in five colors, celebrates springtime. Inspired by the flowering plants of my native region. A 185-square-meter space was sprinkled with brightly colored pigment, diluted with wheat flour, child of the field. Poppies, cornflowers, chamomile and yellow gooseflowers form the hopeful color palette of the cultivated land. This also refers to the pre-war biodiversity: annual plant species, a wealth for animals small and large.

A limited series of T-shirts and decks were made in collaboration with Lockwood Skateshop
For every piece sold, we donated to VZW Durme, to enable more nature conservation. 
Change of Plans
Costume design for a dance performance.

CONCEPT: Femke Gyselinck
PERFORMANCE: Zanne Boon, Femke Gyselinck, Hendrik Lasure, Oskar Stalpaert, Adia Vanheerentals
MUSIC: Hendrik Lasure (composition, piano, keys), Adia Vanheerentals (composition, sax)
COSTUME DESIGN: Nel Maertens, Veronika Vimpelova
DRAMATURGY: Wannes Gyselinck
LIGHTING DESIGN: Elke Verachtert
SOUND: Milan Van Doren
COPRODUCTION: VIERNULVIER (Ghent, BE), kunstencentrum nona (Mechelen, BE), KAAP (Bruges/Ostend, BE), STUK (Louvain, BE), Perpodium

Pictures by Robbrecht Desmet

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Zaaien en Oogsten
An installation in 5 colors to announce the approaching springtime.
I sprinkled the 100-square-meter ‘cathedral’ at Atelier FAAR with brightly colored pigment — diluted with wheat flour, the offspring of the field.

Exhibition text by Jan Maertens.

Together with the exhibition, me and Zena Van den Block presented a multiple, which is still for sale. Send me an email if you’re interested in buying one.
20 copies + 3 A.P., silkscreened at Slapers by Gerard Leysen.

Pictures by me, Floor Maertens and Niels Van Aken.

Writer Lotte Dodion invites Antwerp women for a special posing session in the large studio of ‘Het Rubenshuis’ in Antwerp, a place where many women posed for the artist.

Every thursday evening in December 2022, 3 women, a poet and a female artist (Nel Maertens, Myriam Voet, Shamisa Debroey, Juliane Noll and Betül Sefika) take up the challenge. 
It is an exciting but gentle project where voyeurism, feminism and live performance meet. Based on the posing sessions, Lotte will write a new poem that she will present on thursday 5/01/22 at the Rubens House.

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Images inspired by Rubens’ ‘Het Pelsken’.
Oil pastel and soft pastel on paper and cardboard.
Le Rêve en Boîte 
Antwerp based jewellery brand Wouters & Hendrix’ infinite fascination with creativity and craftsmanship led them to three female artists who each in their own way push the boundaries of their craft. Given carte blanche, video artists Annie Van Noortwijk & Marije Seijn, visual artist and designer Nel Maertens and papier mâché sculptor Elsa Dray-Farges introduced ‘Le Rêve en Boîte’ into their own creative universes. The result is a series of three unique visual interpretations of what a memory container can convey.

‘Le Rêve en Boîte’ is a limited edition of jewellery boxes by Wouters & Hendrix, hand painted by artist Céline Felga.

Campaign image by Nel:
‘L’ivresse poétique’
Pastel on cardboard

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