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Arts with benefits
Master collection 2019

During my studies at the fashion academy in Antwerp, I was interested in the grey zone between fashion and art.

Is fashion art? Not necessarily looking for a readymade answer, I aimed to create silhouettes in which fashion and visual art meet. Working closely together with visual artists sounded fascinating to me, so I asked artist duo Flexboj & L.A. to join me in this project. They paint, make installations and are the founders of Superstars Magazine.

Honoring the history of painting, we created woven, knitted, and drawn prints, using a visual language that borders parody.

Pictures by Renée Paule
All artworks and illustrations by Nel Maertens, Flexboj & L.A.

︎︎︎ Master 2019
︎︎︎ VRT NWS
︎︎︎ De Standaard
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