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Zaaien en Oogsten
Various installations throughout Antwerp showcasing the fashion talents of academy alumni and partners.


The first edition of offSHOW showcased Nadav Perlman, Nel Maertens,
Christian Wijnants and
KOMONO. offSHOW 2023 was curated by Brandon Wen and organised by Flanders DC for fashion in collaboration with the Antwerp fashion department and Stad Antwerpen.

I presented the second edition of 'Zaaien en Oogsten'. The installation in five colors, celebrates springtime. Inspired by the flowering plants of my native region. A 185-square-meter space was sprinkled with brightly colored pigment, diluted with wheat flour, child of the field. Poppies, cornflowers, chamomile and yellow gooseflowers form the hopeful color palette of the cultivated land. This also refers to the pre-war biodiversity: annual plant species, a wealth for animals small and large.

A limited series of T-shirts and decks were made in collaboration with Lockwood Skateshop
For every piece sold, we donated to VZW Durme, to enable more nature conservation.